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YouTube vs. Blip
December 1, 2006, 7:18 am
Filed under: Ecuador, Web 2.0

Which is better, Blip or Youtube?

YouTube is big. Even before Google bought them, they somehow became a household word. At work, some of The Powers That Be asked that I get us on YouTube. Everyone wants to be the one in a million that becoms huge, and since YouTube snowballed ahead of Revver, Blip, Grouper, etc., they became known amongst the non-tech people as the place to be discovered. Sometimes these non-tech people like things done their way, and that applies soft pressure to join the bandwagon.

Blip seems a lot friendlier than YouTube. When I have a question, I write the main Blip email address and get a response back that sounds like it was written by a real human within 24 hrs. I met Mike, the co-founder at Vloggercon, and he was genuinely nice and helpful, even though I was the least technologocially knowledgeable person in the room.

They are also a lot faster. On the Interplast blog, I have been using both (Interplast on Blip es aqui y Interplast on YouTube es aqui) to upload videos of the visiting educator workshop that I am on right now here in Portoviejo, Ecuador. Tonight I had to upload four videos on my crappy internet connection, and I got halfway done with the fourth one on Blip before YouTube finished processing my first one. Score one for Blip.

I sorta view it as talking to the really nice girl who is sweet, kind, pretty and faithful or the hot chick everyone drools over but probably won’t have time for you.

I resisted using YouTube for so long but broke down before this trip, partly dreaming of Lonelygirl15 fame. But if I can’t load my videos in a timely fashion, then they’re not doing me much good. If the Interplast blog or my YouTube page starts getting oodles of hits/comments will I change my tune? Yup.

Does that make me a whore? Maybe. But I got a job to do, and my time is precious, especially on an Ecuadorian connection.

The nice girl wins, at least for now.



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