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Me and My Ecuadorian Friend
November 27, 2006, 5:30 am
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Me and My Friend, originally uploaded by interplast.


So, the photo is blurry, but I am in yellow on the left, and my new friend is sporting green on the right.

Allow me (us?) to change things up a little bit. For the next two weeks I will be blogging from Ecuador and Peru about my trip. I am here with Interplast collecting stories and such for communications materials, so if you want to see a more scrubby, Interplast-related version of what I am doing here, check out the Interplast blog.  Feel free to comment there and tell them/me how awesome I am.  This blog will be a more personal impression, and not necessarily having much to do with work.

We (a plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurse practitioner) arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador last night and spent half of today poking around the city, (where I met my new friend) and the other half driving to Portoviejo, a dumpy yet pleasant town a few hours away. We spent a few hrs at the hospital tonight evaluating patients for tomorrow, had dinner and went back to the hotel.

I am really kicking myself for not learning more Spanish before I came here, I feel like there is an anvil tied to my tongue and I hate not being able to communicate beyond the basics. One of the kids burst into tears at the sight of me, so my non-verbal communications skills are also lacking.

It feels weird that Interplast paid for my ticket and is paying me to be down here. I hope I can make myself useful and get enough yummy content for our newsletters/blogs/brochures/etc to justify the expense. The other team members have started introducing me as the Principal Assistant, a vague yet important sounding title designed to confuse and inspire. I think I can live up to that.

Ok, I am going to take my important self to bed. I will try to update this every day for the week I am here in Portoviejo, but no promises.


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