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September 15, 2006, 8:30 am
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Seth Mazow and bike
WordCamp – 16.jpg, originally uploaded by chrisheuer.

Last night my bike got stolen in the ‘Loin. I took it everywhere. Don’t we look happy together? My parrot (mercilessly stolen as well) was more than a hood ornament, it was my guiding light.

For a variety of reasons, I usually do not give money to beggars. Last night, however, I was doling out money left and right like I was Santa Claus. Not that I really expected anything back from my quarters and dollars, but the least the beggars could’ve done is sent some good karma my way to ward off bike thieves.

But no.

So Mr. Bicycle, it’s been nice. I learned everything I know about bikes from fixing you every time you broke. My resolution this year was to build a bike from scratch, and whereas I thought that I wasn’t quite ready yet, maybe this is your/God’s/the thief’s way of telling me that The Time Has Come.

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so sorry to hear that – the good karma will come back in some other way at some other time…

Comment by Chris Heuer

sorry to hear that Seth ..

BTW, are you live blogging Sim Day? If you do, post it on Netsquared!

Comment by Beth

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