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Exxon-Mobil Still Hasn’t Paid for the Valdez?
January 28, 2006, 3:25 am
Filed under: Jerks

So tonight last night I was biking home from an N-TEN event and I went past the 9th DIstrict Court of Appeals. There were some people hanging out on the steps with signs about salmon and Exxon, so I went over to see what they were up to. They said they were here for the Exxon trial, and then there was this pregnant pause as if I knew all about it. I asked what was up, and they said they were here for the appeal of the Exxon Valdez spill. Wait a minute, wasn’t that like 15 years ago? Oh yeah, it was. 17 years to be exact. Anyway, the fisherman were huddling around on the steps when the marshall came out and told them “Get off of my steps”. Last I recalled it was regular taxpayers who were paying for those steps, while the oil companies continue to get billions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks from the Republicans in Washington.

Today the 9th Circuit heard oral arguments in yet another Exxon appeal. Exxon is appealing the ruling from a jury that awarded $9 billion to local Alaskans. After numerous appeals it the amount is now down to $4.5 billion. Seems like a lot to me, but then again, if I was making $45 million per hour in quarterly revenue I might feel sorta bad about spending millions of dollars in legal fees to fight fisherman about punitivie damages. But that’s just me.


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