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National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy Rocks Out Again
January 7, 2006, 8:36 pm
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The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy rocks out again. They called Frist out on his pseudo-charity back when no one cared, and they are doing it again now:

“At the time, NCRP alone among the national nonprofits challenged Frist, though we hadn’t had even a peep of support from the supposed nonprofit leadership groups when we took on DeLay, Senator Blanche Lincoln, Senator Saxby Chambliss, or even Jack Abramoff for that matter. We suggested that Frist’s fundraiser, whether he intended it or not, would serve as a venue for donors to buy invaluable “face time? with senior Republican lawmakers, some 10 or so from the Senate to be the featured attractions at the World of Hope fundraiser. We criticized Frist’s pledge not to accept lobbyists’ donations as meaningless, since the corporations that hired lobbyists would be able to make the donations directly to buy access. We raised questions about the AIDS charities that Frist had preselected for support, noting one’s leadership by a pastor known for his high-profile support of President Bush’s faith-based initiatives, another run by the son of Rev. Billy Graham. And we noted that the Senator’s charity was run not by AIDS services professionals, but by Frist campaign operatives.”

Way to go, NCRP. Keeping an eye on the industry and calling it like you see it. You were absolutely right, and have thus earned a place in the hallowed halls of my blogroll. Keep going, and don’t back down.


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