Non-Governmental Imagination

Starting a blog about NGOs
January 3, 2006, 1:35 am
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So I must admit that I have been thinking about blogs and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) for awhile now. I work at Interplast, and after volunteering everywhere from Texas to India, I have gained a different perspective of the nonprofit world from my climate-controlled cubicle at an established NGO. I am using this blog to independently express my ideas and engage in discussions about how society creates positive social and environmental change. Nonprofits are bound by a particular set of rules, both legally and culturally. I think that the groups most successful at achieving lasting social change will be adept at changing the rules under which all groups operate.

There are millions of non-governmental organizations out there, and the vast majority are probably under-staffed, over-worked and under-funded. They need some creativity and imagination (hence my cutesy title) to navigate around the whims of their clients, donors and regulators. Such creative groups and people are out there in every sector, and I hope to point out some of the better examples in the hope that people with an interest in efficient, long-term systematic change can find resources and discussions in one nifty little place. So lemme know what you think about NGOs, and I’ll try to keep lots of yummy content streaming your way.

My blogging policy / disclaimer: Although I am paid employee of Interplast, NGI (Non-Governmental Imagination) is not a product of Interplast. I will not blog while on the clock or while using Interplast equipment/resources, and Interplast will have no editorial control over the content. The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of Interplast, and should not be treated as such.


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